Decrease Prison Noise with an FM Transmitter

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FM Transmitters for Televisions

This is our economy model  of FM Transmitters for televisions used in Correctional Facilities.  When this FM Transmitter is connected to a television

the volume on the Television can be greatly reduced and letting the inmates listen to the television thru their ear bud's or headphones  that are connected to their portable Fm Radios allowing your Officers to overhear any problems on your Block or Dayroom, Inmates concentrate more on programs they are watching, decreasing activity and increasing safety.  This product has been offered to Correctional Facilities with security issues  considered such as

no metal antennas that could be made into a shank.

Accessories Included with this FM Transmitter are 3.5 male to 3.5 male plug to connect  to your television, A USB Charging cable to charge the battery, and a Lithium Battery,  a Flexible Antenna , a microphone, and a belt clip

This FM Transmitter is small but durable and easy to use, measuring only, 3.1 X 2.3 X 0.7 inches, and only weighs0.18 lb

Some of  the applications this has been used for are teaching driving school, campus teaching, stage guidance, Public speaking, travel guide, Car Intercom, MP3 Audio transmission, Home wireless audio system, wireless conference system, outdoor camping.

With this pandemic  I have had pastors calling  wanting to use this FM Transmitter to have a service outside while the parish sat in their cars listening on their car radio.

Has you can see this FM Transmitter is small, light and compact


FM Transmitter: Use professional transmitting transistors to provide excellent audio quality. The audio port and microphone port are independent of each other, and the input signal will also be processed independently, which greatly reduces the loss of sound quality

The maximum transmission distance is about 80 meters (in an open area, without obstacles), you can enjoy the wonderful broadcast of all FM radio indoors or in the backyard. Frequency and environment may affect the transmission distance. Supported by BL-5C 3.7 V 1000mAh lithium battery, with 4 levels of output power: 0.01mW, 10mW, 100mW, 200mW.

Three broadcasting modes: (1) 3.5mm AUX input: transfer music from smartphone, computer, MP3 or CD player (2) microphone input: with lapel microphone, you can broadcast your voice to FM radio (3) Support TF card (mp3 format): You can play MP3 files in TF card.

Special antenna: noise <60dB, reaching professional standards. The transmission frequency can be adjusted between 60-108MHz; you can transmit on the entire public FM band. Portable size, with large digital LCD screen, easy to carry.

Designed with stereo and mono audio output, both input and microphone volume can be adjusted by pressing buttons on the chassis, especially suitable for travel, conference rooms, campus, driving school, teaching stadium and other application fields


Model: EX831 transmitter black
Frequency range: 60-108MHz (adjustable)
Frequency increase: 0.1MHz
Frequency stability: ± 10PPM
Frequency response: 50Hz-1500Hz
SNR radio: <60dB
Transmitting power: 0.01 / 10/100 / 200mW
Reference distance: 50/60/70 / 80M
Working hours: 8/6/5 / 3h
Power supply: BL-5C 3.7V 1000mAh
Charging time: about 5 hours
Support TF card: only support MP3 format
Product size: 80x58x18mm / 3.1x2.3x0.7in
Product weight: 83 g / 0.18 lb

ON SALE $ 74.62


We have included  a 3' cable adapter with 2 Male RCA Ends  to a 3.5 stereo Male to plug into the rear audio output of your television to your Fm Transmitter and a Power adapter to keep your transmitter charged while using it