Decrease Prison Noise with an FM Transmitter

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The Whole House  Fm Transmitter 3.0 is capable of broadcasting audio sources 150 Feet to any FM radio withing the transmission radius. Engineered and redesigned from customer feedback,the new improvements ,like intuitive user interface and SMA removable antenna set it apart from the competitors in the same class.

Broadcast audio 150 Feet in any direction.

Unparalleled power options.(Wall Car USB


Small ,Compact,Portable

Ease to see back lit digital screen

Six free accessories (Value  $60 )

Designed for Correctional Use with Security considerations for your Saftey

150 Foot Range

Broadcast 150 feet in all

directions in rich, static free audio

Adjustable Antenna

The 6.5 swivel SMA antenna

makes adjusting the angle and rotation easy

Audio & Mike Volume

Use the microphone at the same time as any audio source

Four Power Methods

With the USB power cord and free power adapters included with every unit.

Durable Case

The sleek design is cast from a stronger plastic polymer for more durability.

Large Interface

Large LCD and blue back lighting makes reading easy

Technical Specifications

Transmission Output

Frequency Range

Frequency Saving


Power Options

Power Control

Frequency Response

Signal to noise Ratio

Audio Performance

Stereo Separation

RF Harmonica Rejection

Antenna Design

Case Design Sturdier Shell

Belt Clip Sturdy Plastic Clip


Tuning Design

Meets FCC Part 15 Rules Yes

Optional Accessories

Transmission Signal


Weight with Antenna

We guarantee a radius of 100 feet 

88.0 - 108.0 in 0.1 MHz steps

3 Preset buttons

US and EU Pre-emphasis Options

110/220v Ac Wall Adapter

12/24V DC Mobile Power Adapter

Internal 3 "AA" Battery Compartment

3.5 MM (1/8") Stereo Jack

RCA Adapter (red/white)

2.5 mm Microphone port ( mic not included

Mechanical Power Switch


0.2 % distortion


Operation Time

Reverse -threaded Screw Attachment

-Secured by exterior screws

flat bottom is easier to balance

Ergonomic Shape

Easily unscrewed from back

Flat back when removed

Simplified Controls

Larger Screen ( 1.34" X 1.10" - 81% Larger)

Easy to read

Blue Back lighting

Stable PLL Technology


Desk top Stand

Lavalier Microphone

Digital to Analog Audio Converter

Fm Stereo or Fm Mono

4.1" L, 2.7 "W, 9" D

Superior Broadcast Distance

The Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 broadcast a static free signal 150 feet in any direction.

Compatible with most audio sources like  I pods, I phones, MP3 players, and Televisions.

This will allow you to turn the volume down on your televisions and let the inmate listen to the television clearly

while the rest of the Dayroom, Block , living Area remains quiet, Increasing saftey for the inmates and Officers,

Officers are better able to hear any disruptions on the block

and inmates don't loose interest watching Television

Compact and Ergonomically Durable Outer Shell

The Wht 3.0 is about the same size of a deck of playing cards and fits in the palm of your hand, pocket or a desk top stand. The shell is cast from a stronger plastic polymer to help safeguard against accidental drops, and is held together by four screw fasteners protective sensitive components

Removable SMA Swivel Antenna

New removable 6.5 SMA helical antenna features a conducting wire wound tightly in the shape of helix, increasing efficiency without increasing the antenna size. The helical antenna will broadcast a clear signal up to 150 feet

Intuitive user interface

Simplified controls and large screen (1.47" X 1.34" X 1.10" ) make it easier to use and easier to read. The blue black - lit screen makes the selected Fm frequency more visible in low light conditions.  The mute button once housed on the volume control and is now on the face .of the 3.0

Mechanical Power On/Off Switch

ON SALE  $134.99


Used by Correctional Facilities all over United States and Canada, all security issues for Correctional use have been applied