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Hello my name is David M Proulx Sr owner of “Transmitters4Corrections.Com”  . With many years of experience working as a Correctional Officer, Police Dept., and Firefighting as well as a First Responder all State Certified I can relate to the needs in these fields.

I was a unit manager for a block of 80 inmates for 5 years and due to the large open concept of the block with the TV on it was loud and distracting. Inmates would talk louder to overcome the volume of the TV and the noise was enough to want a pair of earplugs.

But unable to do because you had to listen for someone yelling or a backup call from other Officers. So I started experimenting with the transmitters for MP3 players and connecting them up to a TV, this worked but I needed more power to send the audio signal out to the whole block and for the inmates to recieve a good clear reception on their portable FM Radios. After alot of browsing on the internet I came across this Transmitter and decided to try it. After aquiring the Superitendents approval I connected this Transmitter to the Television and the results were great.

The inmates were happy they could listen to the television and hear everthing over their portable Fm Radio, the volume of the Tv was turned down to zero and they could adjust the volume on their radio, the block was quiet and officers were thanking me for the relief of the noise. The Superintendent came on the block and tried it out and gave approval to install this transmitter on other blocks.

The original transmitter has run for the past 5 years, 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Since then I have been approved by the owners of this Transmitter to advertise their product and to also be a reseller of their Transmitter.

So here I am passing on to everyone about this Transmitter that it can and will make a differnce for your Officers and Inmates and will reduce the noise on your blocks from a blasting television to controlable quietness that will allow your Officers to monitor the block more effectivley with less distractions.

David M Proulx

Transmitters4 Corrections.Com is owned and operated by Dave’s Bargain Enterprise a registerd business in the States of NH, NJ,VA, and Louisiana You may contact me by sending a e mail to Include name of Facility, contact person, address and Phone number . Due to the robo calls by e mailing us we can respond quicker We are located in Middleton NH.

Decrease injuries to your Officers and regain control

Personally I look and take advantage of good Bargains, deals and savings to stretch that dollar as much as possible, with gas prices going up, we got to save where we can.