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After serving 20 years on this block of 80 inmates I decided to spend more time with my wife, kids and grandkids and enjoy retirement. During that time at the Rockingham County facility in New Hampshire, it would get so loud with the inmates blasting the Television to overcome the people talking around them and then in turn the people who were talking would talk even louder to overcome the Television. The results were a headache for me and my fellow officers. It could make it a real challenge to hear an inmate call for assistance if needed.

To resolve this I did some research and tried various FM Transmitters while still being mindful of security. I needed something without a metal antenna that could be used as a shank, and it still be powerful enough to provide a good audio signal to the inmate’s portable AM/FM radios.
After trying some less expensive FM Transmitters many were either not powerful enough or had metal antennas which could be used as a weapon. I then came across the Whole House FM Transmitter which has more than enough power and is compact enough to attach to the rear of the television and be out of sight with a simple strip of Velcro. It also comes with two antennas either a rubber swivel antenna or a wire whip antenna for security reasons.

This transmitter allows the officers to take back the control of the volume of the television and create some tranquility on the block. The transmitter setup is easy and quick once the installation is complete, you set it and forget it. You can turn the television off and leave the converter and transmitter on with no problems. When the television is on the volume can be turned down to a quiet volume (or no volume at all) and the inmates will adjust the volume to their desire with their personal AM/FM pocket radio and listen to the Television thru their earbuds.

This transmitter is so good they can listen to the Television from 80 feet or more. The results are a noticeably quieter atmosphere, allowing your officers to listen for any disruptions on the block and allowing them more effective control of the block.

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By far the best FM Transmitters for correctional facilities. It's broadcast distance combined with it's simple setup make it the best value on the market.

.    Digital to Analog

            Converters Digital to Analog Converters Transmitters need a analog audio signal to work newer televisions  may have digital or doby digital audio outputs this converter will adapt a transmitter to a non analog system


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From the Desk of Officer David Proulx Rockingham County Dept. of Corrections, Retired

FM Transmitters for Televisions.

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